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Corporate Contract

Megatex has joined in a campaign for Bulgarian Postbank image change with manufacturing of advertising constructions and office funiture for bank's entirely new corporate look.

This Change Includes:

 Symbol communication;
 Internelly illuminated advertising units;
 Special features units - information pylons,  pending and exported console boards, including other products needed for the construction of the bank's branches.

At the same time Megatex produced large number of LED currency boards TD 365, which were mounted in all of new designed branches.


Those two tasks which took place at the same time are proof that Megatex can handle large manufacturing contracts of different type and can take them to successful project ending.

Now more than 15 branches have they very own new corporate image. Megatex team has accompished:

* design and manufacturing of the devices
* transport
* installation   
* warrany and support

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