In the 21st century the boundary between technology and culture merges. More modern artists use high-tech means to express themselves. As a part of this cultural development, the sculptor Tom Fruin presented a unique combination of color and light in the festival in Brooklyn. This magical combination made thousands of people to visit the exhibition and experience the magic of contemporary art.


Due to long years of experience in LED lighting and visualization, Megatex proved to be a reliable partner for any business. We are one of the most successful Bulgarian companies and we
are among the undisputed leaders in the design, development and manufacture of systems for visualization of text, numeric, graphic and combination information. That helped the company to become a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association. As members of the BIA we will support the development of market economy, sustainable and qualitative growth for the interests of business. Together with our colleagues we will work in partnership to restore, strengthen and expand the old and new economic relations and markets at home and abroad. We stand behind fair competition and ethics.



Megatex – a global provider of unique and individually designed LED products - embarked on a 5-year green program in order to make its LED+LCD (light-emitting diode + liquid crystal display) information kiosks 40% more efficient.


Megatex, the Bulgarian unique LED products manufacturer and one of the world leaders in the banking equipment sector, shipped 42 exchange rate boards to the Tunisian distributor Mediterranee Services on Thursday, April 14, 2011.


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