product description

Meeting the specific needs of companies providing local regular bus transport services and for the comfort and convenience of passengers in international transportation


·         Showing the number of the route   

·         Showing the name of starting station

·         Showing the name of ending station

·         Showing the name of the next station

·         Showing directions: “For Depot”

·         Showing other useful messages

product characteristics



  • Text information - Latin/ Cyrillic / Greek/ Arabic or Hebrew texts
  • Numeric information
  • Graphic information
  • Static and dynamic messages
  • Easily set to dynamic mode of running messages
  • A great variety of visual effects
  • A great variety of sizes


Places to be mounted:


  • At the upper part of the front window of the vehicle
  • At the one or two side windows of the vehicle
  • At upper part of the back window of the vehicle


LED BUS SYSTEM composition:


  • Front Display
  • Window side Display
  • Back Window Display
  • Remote Control
  • User-friendly Software to edit the content from a PC
  • Mounting Framе
product industry:

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