TD 260

product description

 The LED text oval display TD260 is suitable for circle(360 degrees) visualization,loaded by PC or GSM. The LED display can be used as an information board for displaying messages, running information, advertising, astronomic time, date, ambient temperature and etc. at public places in the open air.

product characteristics


Overall dimensions:    Ф1700/Ф1500 х 340 х 100 mm
Dimensions of information field: 5000 х 240 mm
Type of indication: 360 degrees, matrix
Indicative element (pixel): 6 LEDs 
Infomation field format (pixels): 160 х 8
Pixel's pitch: 30 x 30 mm
Max. number of symbols on the screen: 26
Height of symbols: 240 mm
Visibility distance: 100 m
Emitting color:  monochrome(red, yellow, green,blue, white) 
Power supply: (180-240) VAC; (50-60) Hz
Maximal power consumption: 500 VA
Maximal power consumption: 300 VA
Data storage in case of power supply break down: 30 days 
Brightness control
Microprocess control
Loading data by PC:
* hardware:
- cable:
* serial RS-232 interface (distance up to 10 m) 
* option: serial RS-485 interface (distance up to 1300 m)
- wireless: GSM 
* Software: Windows'98 based software
Visualization of text and digits:
cyrilic  and latin
Visualization of static and running information
A possibility of separating the screen in to 4 equal parts horisontaly:
* each part of the screen has 40х8 pixels
* visualization of equal or different information on each part
Editing text, special effects 
Simulation of image on monitor's screen
Visualization of additional information:
* astrtonomic time
* date
* ambient temperature
High reliability and operation durability:     
* period of uninterruptable usage: 24 h 
* Light Diodes technical capacity: 100 000 h
* standart: black
* option: on customer's desire
* standart execution: on stand
* option: on customer's desire
Weight of display: 50 kg
Conditions of exploitation- external execution: 
 * Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (-20°C to 45°C)
 * relative humidity: up to 98 %

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