TD 318

product description

 Remarks: 20 lines x 3 columns x 6 digits

Dimensions: 600 x 1200 x 25 mm

Dynamic Message Row (optional)

Illuminated place for Your Logo (optional)

Weight: 21 kg

attention - on the photo
the case of the currency display
is of an old constructive design

product characteristics

 Self-testing function 
 * Infrared remote  
 * Built in RS-232-C port 
    for PC interface 
 * Compatibility for  
    modem connections 
   and opration via modem
 * User friendly software 
 * Easy installation 
 * Simple operation 
 * High visibility 
 * Adjustable brightness 
 * Two built-in timers for  
   auto ON/OFF 
 * Set of magnetic plates 
 * Password access 
 * Power saving mode 
 * Multilingual front panel 
 * Available in various  
 case colors and also alluminium
bended edges of the front panel
 * Input voltage:  
 47 – 63 Hz 

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