TD 404MR

product characteristics

 Dimensions: 650 x 650 x 50 mm
Type of indication: one-sided,matrix 
Number of information rows: 4 
Format os the information fiel on 1 row (pixels): 120 x 8
Pixels pitch: 4,7 x 4,7
Pixel's (LED's) diameter: 3mm
Number of symbols on one row: 20
Height of symbols: 36 mm 
Emmitting color: red

Input power: (180-240)VAC(47-63) Hz 
Maximal power consumption: 100 VA
Nominal power consumption: 60 VA

Microprocessor display managment
Loading data:
*by RS-485 interface  
*by Windows based software 
Data storage in case of power supply break down: 30 days 
Functual possibility:
imputing and editing text(cyrilic  and latin) 
visualization of runing information
image simulation on monitor screen
replace of information frame based on scenario  
brightness control
user friendly interface
color: black
special place for your logo:  550x150 mm 
weight: 6 kg.
internal execution: *temperature 0° to 40°C, *relative humidity up to 90%

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