TD 904

product description


Overall dimensions: 600 х 600 х 100 mm

product characteristics

Number of indicated signs: 4

Type of indicated signs:

            * red sign 'X'- a prohibition of a motion on the lane
            * green arrow, directing down- authorization a motion on the lane
            * yellow arrow, directing left- a change of direction of a motion on left
            * yellow arrow, directing right- a change of direction of a motion on right

Type of indication: one-sided,static
Dimensions of information field: 480 х 480 mm

Indicative element (pixel) - cluster 6 LEDs

Height of symbols: 480 mm

Visability distance: 200 m

Emitting color: yellow, green, red

Brightness control 

Power supply: (180-240)VAC/ 50Hz

Maximal power consumption: 100 VA

Nominal power consumption: 60 VA

Data storage in case of power supply breakdown 30 days

Loading data:
*by RS-232/RS-485 interface 
*by Windows based software

Functional opportunities: 
*visualization of information: 4 signs
*opportunity for adressing the display in an information system
*simulation of image on monitor's screen
*high reliability and operation durability 
*duration of uninterrupted operation: 24 h
*technical resource of LEDs- 90000 h
Mechanical construction: 
*frame - aluminium profile
*front table- transparent polycarbonate
*service access- back side of the display
*color-  grey RAL7016
Weight of display: 10 kg
Conditions of exploitation- external execution:
temperature: -20°С to 45°С 
relative humidity: 98%

product industry:

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