TD 221

LED running information TD 221

product description

The largest LED running information panel from Megatex

product characteristics

Dimensions of display (mm): 4920 х 600 х 100 mm
Nr. of information rows: 1
Dimensions of information field (pixels) : 160 x 16

Dimensions of information field (mm) : 4800 x 480 mm
Type of indication: One-sided; Matrix
Indication element: LED pixel (6 LEDs)
Pixels pitch: 30 x 30 mm

Max number of symbols on display: 13
Height of symbols: 480mm
Viewing distance: 200 m

Colour: red, yellow, orange

Saving of information after power off: 30 days

Brightness adjustment - by a software and hardware

Main functionalities:

  • visualization of alphabetical and numeric running information (cyrillic, latin)
  • information edit; variety of visualization effects
  • image simulation on a PC monitor

High reliability:
 24 h workflow
LEDs resource - 90000 h

Ambient temperature: -20°С до 40°С
Relativehumidity: 98%

Weight of display: 120 kg


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